How to Woo a Woman

Women can be such a challenge to understand and figure out. This is made all the more confusing when you’re interested in a particular woman.  Whether this woman is your wife, girlfriend or just someone you really care about, you can learn how to woo a woman by following my suggestions below.

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Give up and admit it

Love. We live in a cynical world and yet we know we need it. We crave that sweetness it gives us.

It is funny how even though it is number one priority for most people, we feel bad at it. I mean how many people you know that will be totally confident on a first date, or talking to their crush? Conversation with our object of affection is something we want so bad, but at the same time so often dread. And you know what, that also applies to couples. Even if you live together, even if you are married, there is always that sense that you are not understood, or that you are not getting what you need. And fights happen.

It is complicated, isn’t it?

Singletons would usually suffer from fear of failure and couples – from lack of effort.

I here will offer you several tips for success at lighting up that spark.

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Start again from the basics. Preparation.

Allow me to start at the basics. You would think those are common sense but you will find common sense is just not that common anymore. So here they are.

Rule number one. Look good. Have you heard that women spend a lot of time before the mirror, preparing for a date, or simply going out? They would expect some effort from you, too. It is false that women are attractive when they are beautiful and men – when they are funny. F.A.L.S.E.

Take a shower, shampoo and condition, shave or tidy up that beard, and use men’s face cream. Believe me, it will work for you.

Rule number two. Dress well. Singletons, the girl you are going after does not know you that well. Dressing up will tell her you are someone worth it. Girls look at their best in romantic attire. Boys – go for the fresh, tidy look. We love it.

Married men, your wives have seen you in your panties, and that by all means doesn’t excuse you. You better look your best. Do something unexpected. Surprise her. Do the laundry and dryer and iron yourself. It’s cute.

Rule number three. Smell good. Boys, do not underestimate the power of a good fragrance. Again, do not choose anything heavy. Go for the fresh smell. Also, you might want to choose something unique. She will always remember the good night out you have had when she feels it.

The Date

how to woo a womanRule number one of the date is: be a gentleman. If you have known the girl for a while and this is your first date with her, bring a single red rose. It is classy and you are not overdoing it.

If you met a girl at a café or a bar, better don’t buy her a drink. It’s cheap and we don’t like it.

Learn to make a rose out of a straw. Go to her and introduce yourself, tell her how you were sitting over there and decided to come say Hi and you hope you don’t bother her. By that time you will have finished the rose. Hand it to her and say that is why you came. If she likes you, she will talk to you further. If not – your job is done and that’s your excuse to go back to your friends to have fun. You will feel it. She was not your girl.

Open the door for her and let her hold you if it feels right. But that is not all a gentleman is. A gentleman saves his words and knows his business. Make sure you have chosen where to go and have reserved a table. Suggest, but don’t make her feel bad if she wants to go somewhere else. Mind your language and choose conversation topics wisely. Do not treat the girl like one of your guy friends. You can talk about the same things, but not in the same way.

Your being a gentleman might be what crosses that barrier from friends to something more.

Rule number two. Listen. It might sound as a cliché but it is true. Women like to talk and like to be listened to. So ask questions. It will make her feel at ease with you. It will make her trust you. If you actually listen, you will get to know her better and that will give you ideas for date number two.

Date rule number three. This is for married couples. The rule here is adjusted. Do not just listen. Talk. And do NOT talk about things that matter. Forget the rent and bills. Forget the car that has to be fixed. Do not talk about work, or that colleague that gets on your nerves. Talk about how a fly came in your car while you were waiting in traffic. And the funny noises it made. Talk about how you gave money to that blind person on the street and then you saw him read a paper, and how that made you feel. Talk about how last Tuesday you suddenly got a craving for blueberry ice-cream and could not think of anything else until you got one in the evening. It is your time off. Clear your mind and have fun.

The WOW factor

I hate to break it to you but what we covered so far are the necessities. Do not get me wrong. If you follow those you will have a good date. But that is not what you want, is it? You want a great one. You want an amazing one. An amazing dozen of dates. You want to impress her. You want to win her. You want to show her your true self and you want her to like it. You need to make it special. And that is the hard part.

Tip number one. Be yourself. Now, before you hate me for giving the most despised advice ever, unlike many people who give it, I will actually explain what I mean by that. In particular I mean you try to fit her expectations for the date, you cannot try to fit her expectations for who you are.

For example: She has talked about a movie she loves for the past fifteen minutes. She asks you what you think about it. And you hate it in the guts. Do not be disrespectful of her taste, but be honest. Tell her you did not actually like it that much. Give her two or three specific reasons why. She will probably understand. She must have spotted those as well.

Do not argue it is bad. Say you understand that she likes it. Change topic.

Another example. What do you like doing on a Friday night? You think she expects you to tell her you go out and party with the cast of Friends, bungee jump, tattoo yourself, moto race and get home before 3 AM. And you actually like to order a Pizza and enjoy a movie. Or invite friends over to play Monopoly or Sorry. Have confidence. You are not insane. You actually have reasons to like what you are doing. Tell her why. She will understand. Do not close that door, though. Tell her you are open for suggestions and will be happy if she wants to help you try something else. She will have ideas, believe me.

If you abide by her expectations you will be boring to her. You need to show character. Show her that you are different and are interesting to learn about.

Tip number two. The element of surprise.

The trick is to devote your time to this one. I already told you about the straw rose. You are a goofy dancer? Learn and ask her to a dance. Are you a goofy cook? Learn and prepare something elaborate. Sing her a song in the karaoke bar. Search for a romantic place and take her there. Learn the story of it and tell her. Go and make her do something she has never done. Give her a nice memory.

Tip number three. Do NOT be needy.

Be charming, but treat her as a friend. Do not try to kiss her before it is that time. Do not try to hold her hand, before it feels like it. Girls are put off if you are too needy or too insistent. If you are the gentlemen and give her a compliment or two, she will not put you in the friend zone. Do not worry about that.

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Do your thing!

There you have it guys – the How to be Dateable guide. Again, those are just suggestions that cannot harm but will improve your relationship with the lady of your dreams.

Don’t forget! Be creative. You know her better than anyone else. Follow these principles and you will not go wrong with anything you do on top.

Be confident, now that you know how to woo a woman, do your magic and you will be her prince charming. Good luck!

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